La Fucina: Pizza, Bread & Pastries

Bread, pizza, and pastries in a single space: La Fucina of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will be a place dedicated entirely to leavened products, and to those who passionately create them every day in bakeries and pizzerias around Italy.

La Fucina will address the themes of yeast, flours, grains and above all the processes of leavening and maturation: a tasty journey that will end every event and workshop with a different flavor of Italy.

Flour Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

Moreover, the location will serve as a production center , that will in fact bake and supply all the breads for the Market exhibitors during the days of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

The Main Faces

Five pastry chefs (Alessandro Battazza, Gabriele Ciacci, Claudio Gatti, Giorgio Smimmo and Andrea Tamagnini), six bakers (Edoardo Corti, Paolo and Nadia Goretti, Andrea Perino, Antonio Spampanato and Davide Zogno) and 16 pizza makers (Petra Antolini, Stefano Callegari, Salvatore De Rinaldi, Salvatore Gatta, Salvatore Kosta, Denis Lovatel, Domenico Martucci, Jacopo Mercuro, Graziano Monograms, Pierluigi Police, Massimiliano Prete, Alessio Rovetta, Salvatore Santucci, Mario Signorile, Gabriele Sorice, Ciccio Vitiello, Stefano Vola, Guglielmo Vuolo and Federico Zordan ) for a total of 24 meetings in offering a unique journey through the excellences of the Peninsula.

Pizza Terra Madre Salone del GustoThe Program

La Fucina presents a rich program of tastings, and meetings on flours and leavening every day you will find: • a workshop on bread, where you may learn the care involved in sourdough starter and listen to the experiences of professionals who are moving in constant search of the best flours; • a pastry workshop, to understand how versatile wheat can be, and to discover all the impalpable lightness of different yeasts • three workshops on pizza, a look at all its forms and different territorial expressions. The art of Neapolitan pizza makers may be a candidate for the intangible heritage of humanity, but it is equally true that the art, in different forms, is the patrimony of many other traditions, such as the Roman pan pizza, or the Genoese pissalandrea  four events will also focus on “pizza for two”: two master pizza makers will propose their work and discuss it together.

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La Fucina  is presented in collaboration with:

Agugiaro & Figna Molino, Esmach and Steriltom.

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