In and Around the Enoteca

The Enoteca at the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 will enjoy the splendid setting of the internal courtyard of Turin’s Palazzo Reale, where it will welcome visitors from Thursday to Sunday from noon to midnight and on Monday from noon to 7pm.

Piazza Castello is the perfect venue for involving the public in the many initiatives of this edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, a space open to all and the location of one of the event’s linchpins, the Enoteca. Here visitors can participate in activities and tastings promoting the pleasure of good, clean and fair wine and Italian wine culture.

An intense program of tastings—not just of wine, but also beer, vermouth and cocktails—plus live music and DJ sets will offer an experience driven by learning but also by fun.

The wines

You can find a number of different tasting areas at the Enoteca:

  • Wines from the producers from Progetto Vino, a project that involves the best of Italian wine production and culture in education and communication activities, with around 600 labels, including sparkling, white, red and sweet wines. Among these, you’ll find the terroir selections, an area dedicated to special selections from some of Italy’s most important appellations, like the Alta Langa (the official sparkling wine of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto), Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (celebrating 50 years of DOC status), Franciacorta, Morellino di Scanscano and rosés from Puglia.
  • A section of the Enoteca will be dedicated to the wineries awarded the Slow Wine Snail, the best interpreters of Slow Food’s values when it comes to sensory quality, terroir and the environment. Another will be set aside for the Temporary Tastings, during which it will be possible to sample wines from the most prestigious wine-producing areas of Europe and the rest of the world, selected and presented by leading Italian importers and distributors, like Velier with its Triple “A” (Agriculturalists, Artisans, Artists), Beneventano with the Champagne Steinbruck selection, Cuzziol Grandi Vini, Les Caves des Pyrene and the Romanian wines of Petro Vaselo.
  • Another space shows the selections from the Fior Fiore Coop.

Taste Workshops

Under the Enoteca’s portico, a special room will host 11 wine-related Taste Workshops, with a focus on the Progetto Vino producers. Here participants can learn more about the stories behind the wineries, the different terroirs and the varieties, with a guided tasting.

And also…

A new feature this year is that in and around the Enoteca you’ll also be able to find an overview of all kinds of other things that are good to drink. For example, the Mixology Point is a proper cocktail bar where you can sip a classic or one of the creations of I Maestri del cocktail bartenders, while the Vermouth Point will pay unmissable homage to this fortified wine in its native city, with a selection curated by the Turin Vermouth Institute.

Access to the Enoteca is through the Piazzetta Reale, and here you’ll find more liquid delights, like the stand of the Quality Beer Academy, one of the event’s main partners, ready to welcome all brewing connoisseurs. This is also the location of the food trucks, offering quality food at affordable prices.

If that wasn’t enough…

Around the Enoteca, you can find 28 Taste Workshops hosted in the Palazzo della Giunta Regionale. Try some fascinating verticals or explore specific terroirs, or dabble in the world of mixology with some highly original approaches—have you ever tried mixing a cocktail with only Tuscan, Venetan or Piedmontese ingredients? Learn more about the ever-expanding world of artisanal beer brewing, or the ins and outs of rum distillation, from historic tradition to cutting-edge innovation.

Enoteca is sponsored by: Consorzio Alta Langa, Consorzio Franciacorta, Consorzio Tutela Morellino di Scansano, Consorzio di Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo, Fior Fiore Coop, Fisar, Goldplast, Istituto del Vermouth Torino, Maestri del cocktail, Puglia in Rosé, Regione Lombardia, Triple “A”, WineaPPening.

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