23 September

Milk Cultures of the East

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Cultured milk is a key element of the cultural and gastronomic history of Eastern Europe.

It is used to prepare products such as kefir, ayran and guslianka. The latter, made by the indigenous Hutsul people, is a Ukrainian Ark of Taste product, and many say that it is the secret to the Hutsuls’ longevity. Introducing these products, leading a tasting, and describing their culinary uses and therapeutic properties will be Svitlana Zlobina (an ethnographer and researcher of the transnational history of milk and cheese), and chef Georgi Boykovski (just back from working as a chef at the European Parliament in Brussels), who will prepare dishes using different versions of kiselo mlyako, a Bulgarian yogurt from local breeds.

23 September

14:30 - 15:30

Food for Change – Cibo e salute/ Food and Health – Pad./Pav. 2
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