22 September

Bahian Cuisine: Tastes of the Sea and Dendê

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

A taste of Bahia

The importance of dendê oil in its homeland, Bahia, is reflected in two of the Brazilian state’s traditional dishes: moqueca, a fish soup, and acarajé, a typical friend snack made with beans. Two chefs from the state’s capital, Salvador, Slow Food Chef’s Alliance members Caco Marinho, of Dog American BBQ, and Fabricio Lemos, of Restaurante Origem, will present these symbolic dishes at this forum. One will prepare a strictly traditional moqueca, while the other will offer a modern take on acarajé. Both dishes will incorporate a range of different Bahian ingredients, such as prawns, tapioca, cashews, coconut milk, and fruta-pão (breadfruit).

In combination with cocktails based on the fine distillates of Compagnia dei Caraibi (To).


22 September

17:30 - 18:30

Food for Change – Slow Fish – Pad. 2/Pav. 2
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