23 September

New Technologies, Old Problems

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

The debate on the so-called new technologies of genetic manipulation is increasingly more present.

How will these technologies be regulated? Are they a further step towards the privatization of knowledge and the concentration of power in very few hands? Towards a patent-based agriculture detached from the territory and the knowledge of the communities? What is the difference between these new technologies and GMO? What needs to be done to overcome the current legislative vacuum? How can we inform consumers correctly?


  • Roberto Moncalvo, Italy, President of Coldiretti Italy;
  • Guy Kastler, France, ECVC at Confédération Paysanne;
  • Elisa D’Alosio, Italy, ECVC at ARI;
  • Frank Thiedig Edeka, Germany.

Moderator: Cristiana Peano, Italy, agronomist, lecturer at the University of Turin

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23 September

16:00 - 18:00

Food for Change – Semi/ Seeds – Pad./Pav. 3