24 September

Land Rights Now! A global campaign against ‘land grabbing’

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

The bond of indigenous peoples with their land is crucial from a number of points of view.

Land is the element that guarantees their livelihood, their traditional food systems and the conservation of their culture. Yet indigenous communities’ property rights are often jeopardized all over the world, threatened by economic interests and land grabbing. Lands Right Now! is a global campaign to claim the rights of indigenous peoples.


  • Musa Ndamba, indigenous Mbororo pastoralist from Cameroon 
  • Lydia Kivia and Mselem Kinyozi, Chair of his Maasai community, Tanzania
  • Joel Simo from Vanuatu people, Vanuatu
  • Martin Lele, from the Ogiek people, Kenya
  • Loraine Gray, from the Mohawk people, Turtle Island – USA

Moderator: Nicolas Mushumbi: Slow Food International Councillor for the Indigenous peoples’ network 

24 September

15:00 - 17:00

Arena di Terra Madre / Terra Madre Arena – Oval