22 September

Colors of Sicily: Yellow Peaches, Red Strawberries

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

The sweet colors of Sicily’s fruit

Ever since he opened his pastry shop in San Giuseppe Jato, in the hills outside Palermo, Sicily, in 1972, Salvatore Cerniglia has been refining his art, learned in Piana degli Albanesi, combining influences from Turinese chocolatiers and French pâtissiers. He offers not only traditional Sicilian sweets but also his own innovations, always using the very best ingredients and Sicily’s fresh seasonal fruit. In this workshop he will be working with two fragrant Slow Food Presidia: firm, sweet, yellow Leonforte peaches, which ripen inside individual little bags tied to the tree, and the tiny, intensely aromatic Sciacca and Ribera wild strawberry.

Paired with Marsala Targa Riserva and lo Zibibbo Morso di Luce of Cantine Florio, part of Duca di Salaparuta (Marsala, Tp).

22 September

16:00 - 17:00

Food for Change – Semi/ Seeds – Pad./Pav. 3
Total of seats
Seats available:
20 €
Price for members
18 €