23 September

Indigenous Youth, Drivers of Innovation

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Indigenous youngsters play a key role in consolidating the handing down of traditional knowledge from generation to generation as a linchpin of their cultural identity.

Their spiritual conceptions are closely linked to agriculture, food, land and the community, and in this context they are a source of solutions for the problems of today and for future challenges that will put sustainable agriculture and food systems at risk. By developing their skills and empowering their traditional knowledge and decision-making capacities, indigenous youth can be drivers and promoters of innovative projects.


  • Rahul Antao, International Fund or Agricultural Development, Youth Desk.
  • Bibiana Bautista Guzman,  from the mixtecos people, Coordinator of the Maguey Pulquero Slow Food Presidium, Mexico
  • Jacilene Alencar Michiles from the Sateré Mawé people, Sateré Mawé Native Waraná Slow Food Presidium, Brazil.
  • Dai Kitabyashi, from the Ryukyu people, ITM Advisory Board Member for East Asia, Japan.
  • Denisa Livingston, from the Diné Nation, International Councillor for the Indigenous Network, Turtle Island.
  • Luz Marina Lopez, pueblo Miskita, Red de Jóvenes Indígenas de América Latina, Nicaragua.

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23 September

16:00 - 18:00

Arena di Terra Madre / Terra Madre Arena – Oval