23 September

The Stingless Bees and Marvelous Honey

Torino-Lingotto Fiere

Melipone and trigone, these are the two great families of bees without stingers.

In these families, around 400 individual bee species are known, all found in tropical and subtropical areas. In Amazonia and Caatinga (Brazil), and in the Sierra Norte of Puebla and the Yucatan peninsula (Mexico), their constant pollinating contributes to the survival and maintenance of rare ecosystems. These bee’s honey is of great value for local communities and is used both for its taste and medicinal properties.


  • Antonio Aramayo, Bolivia, direttore della Fundacion Pasos, miele di ape senza pungiglione del Chaco;
  • Minelia Xiu, Mexico, beekeeper and producer of Xunankab Honey from Yucatan;
  • Tania Guadalupe Garcia Guerra, Mexico, beekeeper and producer Honey from the Sierra Norte of Puebla;
  • Reveca Cazenave-Tapie and Davi Merces, Brazil, beekeepers of the Presidio ape Mandaçaia of Piedmont;
  • Carlos Demeterco and Jacilene Alencar, Brazil, beekeepers of the Presidium ape Canudo Sateré-Mawé;
  • Ester Kiwoo, Tanzania, beekeeper, Presidium Nyori;
  • Matin Lele, Kenya, beekeeper Presidio Ogiek.
  • Davi Merces
  • Jacilene Alencar

Moderator: Jeronimo Villas Boas, Brazil, vice president of Slow Food Brazil, ecologist.

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23 September

16:00 - 18:00

Food for Change – Api e insetti/ Bees and Insects – Pad./Pav. 1