22 September

The Spirit of Holland, from Brandy to Cheese


The Spirit of Holland is found in its liquors and cheese,

The Netherlands is famous for its jenever (the progenitor of modern gin) and herbal bitters. But recently, thanks to the inventiveness of the Genootschap der Warme Stokers (literally, the “society of hot distillers”), the family of Dutch spirits has been growing, with excellent brandies distilled from fruits and grains. In this workshop, different types of brandy—starting with the classic apple and pear, then moving on to holly berry, both barrel-aged and not—will be paired with five traditional Dutch cheeses, including Slow Food Presidium Boeren Leyden and artisanal aged Gouda. To finish, a soft cheese aged in pear brandy will be paired with an apple brandy.

Eataly Torino Lingotto at Via Nizza 224 near Lingotto Fiere.

22 September

18:00 - 19:30

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