Food For Change: Seeds

Using seeds for change…

Over time, industrial seeds have superseded natural and farmer gathered seeds, and have become what we generally now find on the market. According to FAO, in the 1970s there were over 7000 seed companies, none of which stretched into the global market, while today the first three – Monsanto, Pioneer Dupont and Syngenta—hold 53% of the global market and the top ten hold 76%. According to The Greens / Efa Group, in the European Union 75% of the corn market is controlled by the top five companies in the sector, as well as 86% of the sugar beet market and 95% of greens. The recent merger of the giants Bayer and Monsanto greatly increases the control of these few large companies across the global market.


Did you know?

Do you ever wonder about the seeds that have generated your food? When shopping or eating, do you often ask who produced, and selected the seeds used to produce your fruit and vegetables, your bread and pasta, and even your meat, given that farmed animals feed on vegetables? Do you have a small vegetable garden? Do you know how to select, multiply and store seeds for the following year?

Slow Food is committed to internationally promoting the value of seeds, those selected by farmers according to the principles of wisdom that have improved their yield, taste, nutritional values ​​and other qualities. It is also committed to the genetic diversity of crops, essential in facing environmental changes and unpredictable climatic conditions, to ensure greater production and to protect the natural environment.

Our position can be summarized as follows: supporting more genetic diversity and more freedom for rural communities, and growing GMO-free produce.

 Seeds Terra Madre Salone del GustoSeeds at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

If you are interested in further exploring the world of Slow Seeds, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto offers:

  • thematic forums, where the delegates of the network will share their experiences – from ancient grains of sub-Saharan Africa to urban, school, community vegetable projects;
  • Taste Workshops and Cooking Schools, with presentations on conservation techniques, ancient varieties, and ideas for the kitchen garden.
  • Further, there will be continuous  activities for school groups every day until 1pm.
  • We also invite you to follow our interactive path, where thanks to the guidance of experts you will be able to discover and learn more about the world of seeds.

Taste Workshops and Cooking Schools are paid and can be purchased online; the other events are free to attend. The full program will be available in June, check back for all events and appointments!

The Seeds area, found in the halls of the Lingotto Fiere, is also a Slow Food point! Take the opportunity to get to know us, find more information about our campaigns and leave us your contact information if you would like to stay updated with all the movement’s projects!