Food For Change: Slow Fish

How fish can bring change…

Fish products are a main source of protein for three billion people. The income of 800 million individuals is based in the fishing industry. According to a WWF report in 2014, €34.57 billion were spent on fish products. A total of 7.5 million kilos of fish are consumed annually in European countries (33.4 kilos per capita against the average of 19.2 kilos consumed globally). Of these, 2.75 million tons are locally fished, the remaining five million are imported.

Did you know?

How much fish do you eat per week? Is one fish is worth the same as others and that eating salmon is equivalent to eating mackerel? Do you know the difference between short and long life fish? And did you know that even fish have their own seasonality? Do you pay attention to the species you buy and tend to vary your purchases? Do you have a trusted fishmonger that directs you in choosing?

Slow Fish is the Slow Food international campaign committed to protecting marine resources, marine and coastal environments and artisanal fishermen communities around the world. The campaign inspires the following philosophy: choosing fish from the seas, preference for adult and seasonal fish, rediscovering lesser known fish and not consuming species at risk of extinction.


Slow Fish at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

If you would like to deepen your knowledge of the Slow Fish World, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto offers:

  •  Thematic forums will be held, where delegates of the network will share their experiences – from the Caribbean to the seas of the North;Slow Fish Slow Food event
  • Taste Workshops and Cooking Schools, with presentations on conservation techniques, Slow Food Presidia, daily choices, and alternative consumption ideas, such as algae and jellyfish.
  • There is no shortage school activities as well, they will continue every day until 1pm.
  • An interactive path, where thanks to the guidance of experts you will be able to discover and learn more.


Taste Workshops and Cooking Schools are paid and can be purchased online; the other events are free to attend.  The full program will be avail

able in June, check back to see all available events and appointments!

The Slow Fish area, found in the halls of the Lingotto Fiere, is also a Slow Food point! Take the opportunity to get to know us, find more information about our campaigns and leave us your contact information if you would like to stay updated with all the movement’s projects!